Cinema Large


This server is a playground for videographers & Rust content creators. Expect random things to happen frequently that may affect gameplay. Filmers contact Errn or Swemba on Steam, Twitter, or Discord to request admin access. (see below)

  • Sign Mod
  • Heli Control
  • No Decay
  • Corpse Duration
  • RustIO
  • Rain of Fire
  • Copy/Paste
  • Enhanced Hammer

More details/commands of each plugin can be found on Oxide’s site here.

P.S. We’re reeeally bad at keeping the plugin list updated as things break and we have to remove them. Sorry. xoxo

How to contact:

Errn:  Twitter, Discord or (Errn#6481), Steam

Swemba: Twitter, Discord (Swemba#8457), Steam

Please note Discord is the best place to reach out to us, we’re both very active there.  Be ready and able to provide us with your social media contact info and show us some of your content to get the application process going. (till we get a real application ready)  It’s imperative to us that we screen folks and allow people we know aren’t going to do anything malicious or try to screw up recording for others.  No, it’s not ok to give your friend any admin powers once you have them yourself <3

Thanks for stopping by 🙂