Forced Map + XP Wipe 9/1

Forced Map + XP Wipe 9/1

This week’s update is including some procgen (map) & graphics overhaul changes that are forcing map wipes across all servers.  We’re also due for an XP wipe.

Still on monthly XP wipes for now although that feels insanely long but we’ll ride it out a bit longer before we make any changes to the schedule.

After the wipe tomorrow the new procgen map will take some time to update on so you won’t have anything to reference for the first 15min-2 hours.

I want to address the insane level of salt some of you have had the last 2 weeks (since Rust went on sale for $4).

I would like to remind everyone that crying hacks in public chat, demanding we ban people cuz you say so, barraging admins with condescending PM’s, and generally acting like entitled brats is not cool.  At all.

From here on out people that do any of the above will get either muted or kicked based off the level of fuckery they’re displaying.  I’ve amended the Rules and FAQs to reflect.  Please take 30 seconds to educate yourself on new processes so you don’t have to see my demonic side.


Thursday update info:

We never know when the update will hit, typically it’s been between 2-6pm EST.  Once the dev blog pops that’s usually when they push the updates. In most cases if you update your client before the server updates you won’t be able to connect till the builds match.

Stalk Rustafied for a breakdown of the changes and watch their live feed from the staging branch to see it all in action at 2pm-ish EST.

Moosy stuff to watch:


And Chicken’s furious PVP montage.

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    1. Unfortunately for the vanilla there is not, no good way to do it without plugins and keeping it fair. The modded server will be getting donator perks though!

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