Map Wipes + Charity Event

Map Wipes + Charity Event

Yeah, same ol’ same ol’ map wipes both servers on Thursday.

Also, Moose is a huge supporter of this.  Be there or I’ll beat your ass.  xoxo

I’ll be there to boss you around a bit.  It’s this Sunday, a 12 hour streamed event chocked full of giveaways & games.

Site has all the info..

Thursday Update info:

We never know when the update will hit, typically it’s been between 2-6pm EST.  Once the dev blog pops that’s usually when they push the updates. In most cases if you update your client before the server updates you won’t be able to connect till the builds match.

Stalk Rustafied for a breakdown of the changes and watch their live feed from the staging branch to see it all in action at 1pm-ish EST.

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